How much is it on a Oyster card from Heathrow to London? (2024)

How much is it on a Oyster card from Heathrow to London?

How much does it cost to travel between Heathrow and central London using an Oyster card? 2023 prices. Heathrow to central London ticket prices If you use a Pay as you go Oyster card (the card costs £7) or a contactless debit/credit card, the single fare to central London (zone 1) is £5.60.

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Can I use Oyster card from Heathrow to London?

Travelling from Heathrow Airport and continuing your day in central London? A £20 Visitor Oyster card will cover the full day of your travel from the airport to central London by tube or TfL Rail (doesn't apply on the Heathrow Express).

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How much is 7 day Oyster card?

Zone(s)One Day Anytime7 Day
Zone 1, 2 and 3£15.20£47.90
Zone 1, 2, 3 and 4£15.20£58.50
Zone 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5£21.50£69.60
Zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6£21.50£74.40
2 more rows

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Is it cheaper to use an Oyster card or buy a ticket?

You can add money to an Oyster card or use contactless (card or device) straight away. You only pay for the journeys you make and it's cheaper than buying a paper single or return ticket (train companies may offer special deals on some journeys).

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How much is the tube from Heathrow to central London?

The Standard Adult Fare of underground heathrow to london is £6.00 (one-way), whereas the same costs £3.30-£5.30 with an Oyster card or contactless card and takes around 30 minutes to cover the distance from Terminal 2 or 3, Heathrow.

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What is the cheapest way to travel from Heathrow to London?

The London Underground (aka 'the Tube') gets you from Heathrow to central London in under an hour, with trains running every 10 minutes. Heathrow has three underground stations, at Terminal 2/3 and at Terminal 4 and 5. Prices start from £5.50, making it one of the cheapest travel routes to London from Heathrow.

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How much is a 3 day Oyster card?

A £10 Visitor Oyster card covers a full day of unlimited travel in central London within zones 1-2, as the travel price is currently capped at £8.10. A £25 card is ideal for 3 days' travel in zones 1-2.

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Can I buy an Oyster card at Heathrow?

The most convenient places to buy an Oyster card are Underground stations across London, including Heathrow airport. You can buy one using either cash or your credit/debit card.

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Is there a senior discount for Oyster card?

If you're 60 or over and live in a London borough, you can get free travel on our transport services with an Oyster photocard.

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Is it worth getting an Oyster card for 1 day?

Great value. Pay as you go fares are cheaper than buying a paper single ticket or Day Travelcard. Your Visitor Oyster card offers daily capping. This means you can travel as much as you like in a single day and the amount you pay for your travel is limited (or capped).

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Can I get a free Oyster card at 60?

60+ London Oyster photocard

This allows you to travel for free on most public transport in London. You can apply from two weeks before your 60th birthday.

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Which Oyster card is cheapest?

A Visitor Oyster card* is one of the cheapest ways to pay for single journeys on the bus, Tube, DLR, tram, Uber Boat by Thames Clippers river bus service, London Overground, TfL Rail and most National Rail services in London.

How much is it on a Oyster card from Heathrow to London? (2024)
How much is a uber from Heathrow to London?

UBER | Ubers are a cheap taxi into Central London from Heathrow. Most rides cost around £35-40, but you have to call for a driver once you're outside of arrivals and then wait for 10-15 minutes as they enter the airport and come up through into a parking garage.

How much is a black cab from Heathrow to central London?

Typical fares and journey times
DistanceApprox journey timeMonday to Friday 20:00 - 22:00 Saturday and Sunday 05:00 - 22:00 (Tariff 2)
2 miles10 - 20 mins£11.20 - £17.20
4 miles16 - 30 mins£20.00 - £27.00
6 miles28 - 40 mins£35.00 - £39.00
Between Heathrow and Central London30 - 60 mins£56.00 - £105.00
1 more row

Which zone is Heathrow?

Heathrow Terminal 5 Underground station is in the basement of the terminal building. All stations are in Travelcard Zone 6.

Should I get an Oyster card in London?

Why should you get an Oyster card? Well, the benefits of an Oyster card are pretty useful. Not only do you get cheaper fares compared to buying a paper ticket, but it's also way more convenient. Plus, the Visitor Oyster card offers additional discounts on select London attractions!

Is it better to take the tube or Heathrow Express?

If you take the tube from Paddington to Gloucester Road, it can take up to 30 minutes. I say go with the tube. It's cheap and efficient and the time difference betwen the two modes of transport is less than your 30 minute threshhold. I agree that between the two, you won't save much time with the Express.

How much is a taxi from Heathrow to London City Centre?

How much is a taxi fare from Heathrow to Central London? You can expect to pay around £50-60.

How much is an Oyster card 2023?

How much does an Oyster card cost? The Oyster card costs £7. You then add money to the card to pay for your travel. The £7 fee is not a deposit.

How quickly can you get an Oyster card?

All orders of Travelcards and Visitor Oyster cards are dispatched within 24 hours of being placed, Monday to Friday. Our fulfillment warehouse is closed at the weekends. Any order placed after 08:30 (GMT) on a Friday will be dispatched the following Monday (excluding public holidays).

Do Oyster cards expire?

There is no expiry date on Oyster cards. Dormant card? Oyster cards unused for 12 months or more.

Who sells Oyster card?

You can get an Oyster card:
  • Online with a contactless and Oyster account, if you live in the UK.
  • At Oyster Ticket Stops in many newsagents in London.
  • At all Tube, most London Overground and most Elizabeth line stations.
  • London City Airport DLR station.
  • At Visitor Centres.
  • At the Tramlink Shop in Croydon.

How much is Heathrow Express on Oyster card?

Oyster & Contactless payment

Prices are the same as buying your ticket at the station, with a single Anytime fare charged at £25 (2023 prices). You can save money by booking your tickets in advance online or by using the Heathrow Express app. The train stations have manned ticket offices and also ticket machines.

How much does an Oyster card cost?

Visitor Oyster cards you pay an activation fee (£5 in 2024) which is non-refundable. If you buy a standard Oyster card in London or online after 4 September 2022 you now have to pay £7 for the card. This is not a credit to be used against travel, it's the cost of the card now.

Do 60 year olds get free travel in London?

If you live in London, you can travel free on buses, tubes and other transport when you're 60, but only within London. In Wales you can get a bus pass when you reach 60. Enter your postcode to: apply for a bus pass from your local council.


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